Assessing California’s Fish & Wildlife

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife (formerly the Department of Fish & Game) oversees the protection of the state’s wildlife, resources and natural habitats.


The state agency is also responsible for managing the sale of more than 320 types of sport fishing, hunting, special permits and commercial licenses, and issues millions of these documents each year to avid outdoorsmen and women.

The Department of Fish & Wildlife hired M Corp in 2012 to assess its online system to determine how well it will serve the growing customer base.

For years, licenses and permits were issued through an old, hard copy system, but a few years ago the department decided to modernize its process with an Automated License Data System.

While the new system has served its initial purpose to free the department of hard copies, the number of customers purchasing licenses and permits online has been increasing. The Department of Fish & Wildlife hired M Corp in 2012 to provide a detailed assessment of its online system and determine whether or not it will work as efficiently and smoothly as the customer base continues to grow.

M Corp conducted a comprehensive business analysis study to determine the best solution once the current website contract expires in 2015. Recommendations for a more robust, cost-effective solution have been delivered to the Department of Fish & Wildlife, and changes will likely be made next year.