Success in Modernization Readiness

Readiness Operations Execution ReM Score

A national leader in tax advisory services was growing fast, and their online system needed to be modernized to keep up with demands.  M Corp was engaged to apply our ReM Score tool to identify vulnerabilities and understand overall project delivery viability.

Working with our customer, M Corp delivered a structured analysis with rating score that assisted our client in their risk modeling around this critical project.


Having had prior technology project execution problems that cost TechCo customers, profitability and reputation in the past, M Corp helped them measure several factors:

  • Was the project in a position to move forward successfully
  • Where were the specific areas of vulnerability that they needed to focus on before investing further
  • Provide clarity of how large the gap was in operations alignment to support the project
  • Deliver a metric that summarized their readiness to execute


Working collaboratively with senior management and line staff, we utilized the ReM Score structured question set to gather data points based on roles in the company:

  • Used defined weighted questions that addressed our 14 domain areas of measurement
  • Gathered data from more than 25 stakeholders at all levels and disciplines
  • Entered data into the ReM Score engine which generated a single score
  • ReM Score then generated domain specific scores that detected vulnerabilities based on score

M Corp’s analysts then developed corrective actions for each area of vulnerability based on institutional knowledge gathered.  Areas that were neutral in measurement were identified to be included in risk management plan as part of the project.


We identified four areas of vulnerability out of the 14 domains we analyzed:

  • Slow the project to address the four areas of vulnerability, without which M Corp forecasted a 1.5 – 2.0 multiplier on cost and schedule from estimated baseline.
  • Align operating units based on M Corps’ corrective actions to ensure fully supportable approach.
  • Educate project teams on the processes that will be used in the governance model to address potential cultural conflicts in operations
  • Remove conflicts on priorities in operations to create clarity for the focus of key stakeholders

The corrective action recommendations delivered multi-point and detailed recommendations to address the areas of vulnerability.  All 14 areas of analysis reflected possible improvements to mitigate risk before initiating the life cycle.

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