Modernization for Government

Readiness Operations Execution System Modernization

In the midst of the Great Recession, job losses were spiking to record high levels and one government division’s systems were quickly on the verge of collapsing under the volume of claims.

With M Corp’s support, ABP and IDMS conversion dates were met, resulting in nearly $1 billion in stimulus funds provided.

As part of a multi-phase transformation, M Corp helped one of the largest state unemployment programs modernize key systems to increase automation. With M Corp’s support, ABP and IDMS conversion dates were met, resulting in nearly $1 billion in stimulus funds provided.


A 22 year old legacy mainframe system was straining to manage record volumes of claims being processed due to a number of factors:

  • Legacy system was hitting limitations of the IDMS platform
  • Attrition of experienced staff that knew the legacy systems and processes
  • System had grown to over 18 million clients and 4 billion rows of data which made it very difficult to add new data elements to address UI/DI expansion demands

As part of a larger modernization effort, the conversion of the IDMS database was a critical link in the sequencing. The system could not be out of production for any period of time compromise the processing of any claims.


To resolve the migration issues, the M Corp and client teams focused on four key areas:

  • Building business rules sets that established the test automation models
  • Selection and configuration of automated conversion and testing suites
  • Planning and knowledge aggregation of core systems and interfaces
  • Parallel implementation strategy for federal extensions

To organize around these issues, the teams aligned themselves across core initiatives:

  • IDMS Conversion: A clear and structured approach to the migration of the data and supporting code
  • Automated Testing: A structured and repeatable testing model
  • Project Management: Sequencing and scheduling all dependent tasks and subordinate activities to ensure synchronization of migration effort.


  • Project was delivered on time and under budget
  • On go live, systems processed $135MM in payments on the first night alone and over 6 billion transactions in the first week without incident
  • 10 databases were combined into one single database with 4 billion rows of data
  • ABP and IDMS conversion dates resulted in nearly $1 billion in stimulus funding approved
  • Changes in post production system went from weeks to days
  • Conducted two full database switch-over tests from IDMS to DB2 and then back before going live
  • Established a fully repeatable quality management system with automated testing utilizing over 100,000 test scenarios
  • M Corp met all five federal extension dates on time in parallel to the IDMS conversion

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