Expanding Market Share in Banking

Readiness Operations Execution Operations Tuning

One of the largest banking and financial services providers in the Pacific Rim looking to expand their market share and profitability asked M Corp for help developing a customer profitability model for all lines of business. M Corp developed a fully integrated strategy that addressed profitability modeling and readiness analysis to leverage analytics in their equities and margin lending businesses.

The approach addressed profitability modeling and readiness analysis to leverage analytics.

The execution of the roadmap is now underway to deliver segmented growth based on profitability.


  • Client had been driving top-line growth in multiple markets and had no data to understand the profit potential of each new customer
  • Analysis and strategies for products and services were measured through manual analytical practices
  • Institutional data was difficult to aggregate from different sources
  • Clients ability to deliver on technical solution was uncertain


The client asked M Corp to develop a full potential plan driven by a heat map of cost to automation.


M Corp assessed value streams and readiness to execute initiatives by doing:

  • Campaign Management: The ability to effectively target, price and run campaigns and realize estimated increased activation and reduce dormancy rates
  • Customer Profitability: Understanding customer profitability able to drive cost efficiency across businesses and optimize channels and pricing
  • Customer Behavior: Understanding drivers of customer behavior (cause and effect) to make more data driven decisions to grow market share and revenue
  • Customer Lifecycle: Capturing and assessing customer lifecycles to gain ability to plan for actions
  • Customer Satisfaction: Understanding the drivers and success in customer interactions


M Corp developed a fully integrated value stream, BI roadmap linked to readiness to execute by initiative.