Measure execution capability.

Identify vulnerabilities and fund only projects that will work with ReM Score.

The financial planning and analysis platform for measuring execution capability.

ReM Score™ measures your company’s ability to deliver on the idea before you invest.

By addressing root cause issues that prevent technology projects from succeeding, ReM Score provides CFOs and executives the data necessary to prioritize only those projects that have the capacity to succeed.

Think of it as the ‘credit score’ for technology project investing.

Before you move forward, run a ReM Score on each initiative to understand if the investment can yield the results promised. ReM Score supports data driven decision making and puts you back in control.

ReM Score utilizes a weighted, data driven model that analyzes 14 domains of evaluation.

Aggregated data from your scored initiatives delivers metric-driven health measurements of your business. You’ll clearly understand where roadblocks exist that can prevent your projects from succeeding.

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Measure execution capability before you invest.


A ReM Score assessment can be started quickly and easily by setting up the project, and defining participants and their role.


ReM Score provides each participant with a secure login where they can answer questions on any platform that works best for them. They can also invite additional people to participate to add more information to the scoring process.


One easy view shows you status and outcome of each initiative scored:

  • A single numerical score indicating level of readiness to move forward
  • 14 domains of business, operations and technology capability assessed that affect each initiative/project
  • Each domain scored individually
  • Every initiative/project scored independently
  • Easy to understand summary of where vulnerability areas are, specific to the initiative/project being measured


When the initiative scoring is complete, ReM Score generates a report outlining detailed data that can be shared, providing your team with a graphical representation of degrees of risk and vulnerability.

How do people use ReM Score?

Banking on Good Decisions

Wanting to expand market share, a major Pacific Rim bank needed to know if they had the capability to take their customer profitability model and leverage it further.

Governing Well

Legislative and oversight agency scrutiny for this state government has made executives think twice before moving forward on major strategic projects. Their need to know where they stood before committing became a critical component to their decision making.

Forecasting on Data

Modernizing the actuarial system for this global investment leader represented a strategic critical path. They needed to know where their risks and vulnerabilities in execution were.

Product Execution That Counts

A software-as-a-service company was looking to modernize and re-launch its platform. They needed to know where their vulnerabilities were before investing critical cash into their next iteration offering.

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M Corp helps its clients avoid investing in technology projects that aren’t ready – and when they are, we help them execute.

ReM Score is just one way we pinpoint specific risks and roadblocks in operations, helping executives address certain deficiencies before moving forward with their investments.