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ReM Score is the key to bringing ideas to life.

What's the problem?


Great ideas exist in all organizations, but bringing those ideas to life is a challenge for many. Even with a clear vision and a well-developed strategy, successful execution is far from guaranteed. In fact, more than half of all strategic initiatives go over budget, are not completed within the expected time frame, or do not deliver on expected results. This results in billions of dollars of waste and unrealized opportunity across organizations and industries.

The challenge in numbers:

  • 260B is the total estimated cost of unsuccessful IT/software projects
  • Only 30% of transformations meet or exceed their targets
  • 66% of technology projects end in partial or total failure
What's the solution?

Successful modernization Is completely dependent on project execution readiness

Introducing rem score
ReM Score

BRING MORE Ideas to life With Better Execution

ReM Score is the #1 readiness assessment software solution designed to drive successful execution of strategic initiatives.

Gain 360-degree visibility into project strengths and vulnerabilities

Gain the ultimate level of visibility over your upcoming IT projects with a readiness assessment tool that combines decades of IT consulting expertise with the transformative power of modern technology. ReM Score evaluates your organization across 14 measurement domains, offering the most sensitive and actionable readiness assessment currently available. 

Get to insights and recommendations faster

Achieve comprehensive results in days, not months, with ReM Score’s self-guided platform. The comprehensive, easy-to-use software enables you to quickly pinpoint key stakeholders and conducts the assessment through a series of brief, adaptive surveys, minimizing disruptions to your organization by asking only the most informative, targeted questions. ReM Score combines the agility, accuracy, and speed of artificial intelligence with the distilled knowledge of industry-leading professionals, empowering you to detect and address potential issues before they upend your plans.

Bring more ideas to life with better execution

Blind spots can derail entire projects, but they’re preventable. Keep your digital transformations on track with an AI-powered readiness score and easy-to-read analysis that highlights vulnerabilities, corrective actions. ReM Score is repeatable and scalable framework for driving execution success on every project. Compared to other readiness assessments, which can take weeks or even months, ReM Score delivers meaningful insights in just days, so that an organization can act quickly to remove project obstacles and drive successful execution. 

rem score Key features
ReM Score

the modern way to assess project readiness and improve execution

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