Readiness Assessment Done the Modern Way

Understanding your department, operating unit, or company’s readiness to undertake a project has never been more important due to the staggering costs associated with project failure.

  • 66% of technology projects end in partial or total failure. (Standish Group’s Annual CHAOS 2020 Report)
  • Large projects are successful less than 10% of the time. (Standish Group’s Annual CHAOS 2020 Report)
  • 31% of US IT projects were canceled outright and the performance of 53% of IT projects ‘was so worrying that they were challenged. (Standish Group’s Annual CHAOS 2020 Report)
  • 17% of large IT projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company. (McKinsey 2020)
  • On average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time, while delivering 56% less value than expected or planned. (McKinsey 2020)
  • 70% of digital transformation efforts fall short of meeting targets. (BCG 2020)
  • The total cost of unsuccessful development projects among US firms is an estimated $260B. (BCG 2020)
  • The total cost of operational failures caused by poor quality software is estimated at $1.56 trillion. (BCG 2020)

“It is surprising how often experienced project teams ignore the early warnings and move forward into the project lifecycle despite serious problems in many areas that are key to project success and will ultimately lead to the Black Swan event materializing.”
-Sara Hajikazemi

Measuring execution capability is the #1 metric that determines the success of strategic initiative outcomes

A readiness assessment is the mechanism that gets organizations on the right side of these statistics by helping company leaders identify the root causes of weakness within their organization that negatively impact project performance. While these reports have tremendous value in theory, the reality is quite the contrary. Not only do traditional readiness assessment reports take consulting firms weeks if not months to complete, but they’re riddled with inaccurate data caused by human bias.

Eliminating human bias from data in order to make the best decisions for an organization is far from a new concept — and yet, executives simply haven’t had a better option… until now.

Your team deserves a better way

Large scale projects are greatly impacted by a lack of readiness and executives suffer from their lack of insight into their own capabilities to deliver.

At M Corp, we empathize with this frustration. We understand the tremendous risks our clients face when they move forward on projects without understanding their team’s capability to successfully deliver. We understand the pressure our clients face when they are expected to deliver large IT projects on time and within budget. And we understand that our clients haven’t had a readiness solution that could meet their needs and the demands of their organization.

You’ve needed a new solution to traditional readiness assessments for a long time—which is why M Corp is excited to share the news about the launch of our new flagship readiness-assessment product, ReM Score. With ReM Score, you can stop putting your success at risk.

Leaving Traditional Readiness Assessment Reports in the Past

After years of being hired by clients who were not ready to execute, M Corp recognized a need. We had to build a project risk identification process that would automate the manual assessment process and minimize the potential for subjectivity.

With ReM Score, our team of product experts visualized a new way for organizations to gauge the health of their project portfolios. A modern solution that would replace the need for a consultancy; that would eliminate bias; that would ensure anonymity for your team, improving the accuracy of report insights; and that could be completed in a 15-minute sitting from the comfort of your home. With ReM Score, you no longer have to wait for results.

ReM Score will give you the visibility and insights you’ve been looking for and will empower you with the autonomy to make informed decisions about your organization’s future—all within a 2 to 3 day timeframe.

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