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Viewing Reports

Reports are accessed from your dashboard, and can be saved there for as long as you wish. Tap the menu at top left. Tap Dashboard. Locate the report you wish to view: To view your own unpublished reports, tap the report you wish to view in the My Reports tab. To view published team reports, tap the Team tab, then tap the report of your choice. Notes When you initially open the Engine app, the My Reports tab will always be active. Learn more about interpreting Engine’s reports. « Help Center Share a report »

Publish a Report

Publishing reports enables team members to interact with one another. Commenting, sharing, and viewing others reports are all possible from the team dashboard. From your dashboard, open the report you’d like to publish. Tap the overflow menu at top right of your screen, and choose Publish to Team. The report will now be viewable in the Team tab on each team member’s dashboard. Notes Reports must be unpublished before they can be deleted. Only the person who published the report can unpublish it. To unpublish a report, tap the report to open it, then tap the overflow menu at top right of your screen and choose Unpublish. If a report has been commented on and is then unpublished, the comments will still be visible but no more comments can be made until the report is republished. « Help Center Start a discussion »

Delete a Report

There are two ways to delete a report: On the dashboard, long-press and hold the name of the report you wish to delete, then tap Ok. While viewing the report you want to delete, tap the overflow menu at top right of your screen, and choose Delete. Poof! It’s gone forever. Notes Deleted reports can never be recovered. « Help Center Create a team »

Create a Team

Teams are what makes Engine really shine, and creating one is easy. Tap the menu at top left. Tap Create Team. Type the email address of a person you want to invite to your team, and tap your keyboard’s enter button. One of two things will happen: If the person already has an Engine account, you will see a card with their name, job title and organization. Tap this card to complete the invitation. Or, If no account is found for the person you are inviting, Engine will ask if you’d like to send them an email asking them to install the app and join your team. Their invite will be waiting for them when they sign in to Engine. Notes The moment you invite someone to your team, your team is created and you are its sole member. You will be able to publish and comment on reports even before the individuals you have invited have accepted. Currently Engine does not allow inviting persons who are already in a team, or who already have outstanding invitations. Pending invitations can be canceled at anytime by long-pressing the person’s name on your team dashboard. « Help Center Join a team »

Join a Team

When you join a team, you’ll be able to view and comment on team members’ reports seamlessly, right alongside your own. Your team invitation will appear as a bright blue card in your dashboard. If you know the person inviting you and wish to join their team, tap Accept, otherwise decline their invitation. Notes When you have an outstanding invitation, you will be unable to be invited to other teams. If you created your Engine account after you received the email request to install the app and join a team, your invitation will be waiting on your dashboard the first time you log in. « Help Center Publish a report »

Leave Your Team

Tap the menu at top left. Tap Team. Tap the overflow menu at top right of your screen, and choose Leave Team. Tap Ok to confirm. Notes You can always be invited back to a team even after leaving it. It is recommended that you unpublish all of your reports before leaving your team. Any comments you made while in a team will remain, even after you have left. « Help Center Interpreting reports »

Working with Colleagues

Coming soon. « Help Center Privacy »

Inactive Accounts

Coming soon. « Help Center How Engine gets results »