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It’s time for ‘Digital States’

First, there was 'Digital Cities', now it's time for 'Digital States'. Our own Alex Castro talks System-as-a-Service for state government.

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Measuring Execution Readiness: How Your Sales Team Can Exceed 2020 Growth Targets

Originally written by Alex Castro for Forbes Companies like Salesforce and American International Group have publicly committed to significant growth — sometimes up to 100% in the next three to five years. Sales teams feel the pressure more than ever to hit their revenue targets. Such a steep order leaves little room for error or poor customer experience. But how can companies achieve rapid reputational and financial growth without any of the associated speed bumps or growing pains? As I’ll explore in this article, measuring execution readiness is at the root of delivering the optimal customer experience that your sales force can point to as to why your offerings outperform everyone else’s. By reducing the risks in execution that alienate customers, your company can provide exemplary service, which will attract new customers and help you meet your rising sales goals.    

This is what really brought down WeWork

Originally written by Alex Castro for Fast Company In a very public and dramatic fall, WeWork, the coworking company originally valued at $47 billion, has sunk to a rescue position of a mere $5 billion, leaving many investors wondering: “Was it ex-CEO Adam Neumann’s fault?” Neumann made plenty of mistakes that he attempted to undo, including selling a $60 million private jet and paying back the $5.9 million the company paid him to use the word “We” as a trademark. But the root of WeWork’s problem goes much deeper than an outrageous leader. In fact, it’s a problem affecting the entire market. Rather than being an isolated incident, WeWork’s downfall is an indicator of an epidemic where good ideas are being limited by old thinking and outdated management theory. The company is one of the latest highly visible examples of an overvalued initial public offering (IPO). We’ve seen this exaggerated valuation happen before, and we’ll see it again. Uber, Endeavor Group Holdings, SmileDirectClub, and Peloton have all either failed to IPO or suffered significant dips in 2019 alone. What is actually causing these companies to lose?  

Hey CEOs: Here’s Why Your Strategic Decisions Are Falling Short

Originally written by Alex Castro for CEO World The world has always praised leaders for their vision, innovation, and disruption. But, today, our greatest leaders are differentiated by their ability to execute. If you are a leader looking to set yourself apart by your success in execution, you first need to understand why so many strategic decisions fall short. Where Leaders Go Wrong Leaders create a strategy, identify its potential, and largely justify their ability to realize it with biased beliefs that support their vision. Imagine a bank making a loan based solely on your loan application and financials without bothering to check your credit score. Imagine a university that looked at your high school transcripts but didn’t bother to check your SAT score. Imagine buying bonds based solely on the reputation of a municipality without ever looking at the bond rating. When executives don’t measure their company’s ability to execute on strategies, they lack the necessary data in decision-making to avoid the debacles that slow the growth of their business and erode their return-on-invested-capital (ROIC) ratio, investor and customer confidence.  


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M Corp Strengthens Senior Leadership Team with Veteran Gartner, Inc. Exec Tom Larson

M Corp, the company that links execution to your ideas, has hired former Gartner, Inc. executive, Tom Larson, as VP of Government Platforms to lead and expand the MissionNXT data reporting service. Larson will be working with public sector program, department, and agency leaders to alleviate the burden and risks of data gathering so more resources can be directed towards mission delivery, enhancing governments capacity to put people first. “Tom’s talent and insight will serve our clients well at this pivotal time when we need to put people above all else,” said M Corp CEO, Alex Castro. “More than ever, programs are expected to deliver rapidly evolving value and face the daily challenges related to the pandemic, economy and budgets throughout government. We are fortunate to have Tom leading the charge to bring solutions to our community.” Larson brings a 26-year history of client transformation, optimization, and data analytics while at Gartner, Inc., including the last 15 years as VP of Consulting for the global research and advisory firm. As VP of Government Platforms for M Corp, he will work to support public sectors leaders ability to increase speed to service, empower their staff, and deliver an enhanced constituent experience. Based in Sacramento, CA., M Corp’s platforms align execution to your digital transformation and innovation strategies, so you get better outcomes. ###