Open House, open doors, friends and a ton of fun

Let’s be clear, we like to throw parties. And we enjoyed a great open house Oct. 17 in our new headquarters in downtown Sacramento.


We want to thank everyone, from our clients and employees to our insurance agent (yes, she made a cameo appearance), who attended the evening event. Free drinks – many thanks to those who kept them flowing – excellent food and great conversations were definitely the highlights.


Let’s be clear, we like to throw parties. Thanks to everyone that came out to our open house!

And we got to show off the new headquarters in the top floor of the historic Regis building, corner of 11th and K Streets, a block from the Capitol and near many of our clients (we’re also across the light-rail tracks from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament). The 5,000-square-foot office allows us to expand and meet our needs, while also ensuring more wall space to place cool art. In fact, some pieces were hung hours before the Open House (hey, everyone waits to the last minute on some things, right?).


Now, if you weren’t able to attend, you really missed out. We know life happens and sometimes crazy things like family or other obligations delay – or even destroy – fun plans. So, if you’re disappointed in missing the opportunity to check it out, just give us a call and stop by sometime. We’re always glad to show off our new digs, where we master legacy modernization, business analytics – and enjoy a great time.