No more failures, no more risks.

You pay nothing until it works.

MissionNXT takes the best of Government and leverages the speed and innovation of the private sector to deliver systems at the velocity of current market expectations, without risk to your organization.

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Government Systems at Private Sector Velocity

Agile Development

We use agile sprints while working with your business users to configure the new system on our platform. Your business team is involved in every step of the process and sees progress as it develops.

All-inclusive Support

As technology or business updates are needed, M Corp incorporates them seamlessly without the complexity of having to generate work orders or task orders. Our annual fee covers hosting, maintenance, support, and incremental changes to the system.

Secure Hosting

We host in environments such as Amazon Web Services and Azure which offer the highest levels of certified secure hosting available.


You pay nothing up front, we develop the system at our cost. The first step is creating acceptance criteria. Once the system is accepted and you begin to use it, we charge you an annual subscription fee for the period covered by the contract, that’s it!


You own the system at the end of the contract. Unlike with other COTS/MOTS solutions where you are locked into their tool, this is your system. When the contract terms are met, you have the choice to own the system outright.

A Service Offering

This is a service model where you get the system that meets your specific business needs, configured to your unique outcomes. You are not buying any hardware or software, MissionNXT is a fully hosted and supported web service offering.

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