M Corp’s New Signature Pathway to Modern IT Transformations

IT transformations are difficult, and at M Corp, that potential—your potential—is our purpose. For over 19 years, we’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with clients, helping them to overcome major obstacles associated with large-scale transformation projects and enhance their competitive edge.

Whether your organization is struggling to move past red tape or caught up in a web of unforeseen challenges at implementation, the experts at M Corp are industry leaders in uncovering the best path forward.

For years, we’ve offered the knowledge and expertise to get the job done, and now we’re proud to offer our clients a new suite of outcome-oriented product solutions alongside our traditional services, expediting how organizations realize their vision for the future without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Robotic process automation as-a-service (RPAaaS) is already paving a path forward for clients, along with other products like ReM Score, a dynamic readiness assessment tool that delivers the same results in a fraction of the time.

The Trouble with IT Transformations at the Enterprise Level

As an industry leader in IT consulting and product solutions, M Corp has spent the last two decades observing why projects go wrong, where modernization goes right, and how our experts can bring all key stakeholders to the table by collaboratively working towards an ideal solution for each client.

Key stakeholders agree that while traditional approaches get the job done, modernization is a critical step in moving companies forward. Still, it can be difficult to get self-identified “trailblazers” and everyone else on the same page. The reality is that IT transformations are difficult, so a careful approach to modernization is important. One McKinsey report published late last year captures the current reality perfectly:

“The more transformation actions a company takes, the greater its chances of success. Yet success remains the exception, not the rule.”

IT infrastructure transformation is an art form, and something that must be navigated carefully. When we look at how recent events have shaped the adoption of digital technologies throughout industries, it’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic pushed a number of organizations out of their comfort zones. According to recent data, IT spending reached 3.9 trillion USD in 2020, largely driven by innovations in cloud technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and more advanced analytics systems.

But investing in a new technology doesn’t guarantee that an organization will realize the full potential value of that investment. In fact, the research tells us that companies are often unsuccessful in undertaking major enterprise-level IT transformations. That’s because although all technology, in theory, leads to an improved outcome, the data tells us that these are delicate processes, particularly for the inexperienced and unprepared.

At M Corp, we know that when it comes to modernization and organizational change, innovations are only as valuable as the impact they make on outcome. That’s why our solutions are outcome-oriented and measured according to the bottom-line value they deliver to each respective client.

The following case study demonstrates how our signature software product solutions dovetail with our traditional IT infrastructure consulting services, enabling targeted, reliable, and common-sense modernizations for even the most challenging and complicated projects.  

Meeting Sudden, Enterprise-Scale Needs with Custom, Scalable IT Solutions: A Case Study

The pandemic revealed organizational vulnerabilities for a number of companies. Even after 20 years of servicing public sector and enterprise-scale clients, M Corp realized that better solutions were needed to confront clients’ challenges. Our highly specialized team was brought in to help one client handle a backlog of over one million records, which needed to be added immediately to their immunization registry.

Not only did they need help processing and matching medical records, but they also needed to help collecting information from various health agencies. The sheer volume of work, in conjunction with its importance and urgency, was unprecedented. There was also no end in sight since the influx of new records would continue for the foreseeable future.

Initially, M Corp’s Professional Services team was manually handling records for 8 hours per day, which totaled 160 records per day. Almost immediately, they regrouped because they knew there had to be a better, more efficient approach.

The team reached out to M Corp’s Product Solutions team – a team that exists for the sole purpose of helping our experts develop tools and strategies to improve our approach. The verdict was that this task could be done more seamlessly with a better data management process.

After some discussion with the client, the group settled on a creative adaptation of RPA, or robotic process automation, which all agreed would deliver the best value. (As an aside, robotic process automation is a strategy where incorporated software streamlines repetitive processes that have historically been done manually.)

Using a custom, RPA software solution, the Product Solutions team discovered that each record could be processed in 30 seconds, resulting in the work being done 6 times faster. Not only that, but the solution could run 24/7, and independently of the Professional Services team’s 8-hour per day working hours.

But this wasn’t the end of the collaboration. Professional Services continued to partner with the Product Solutions team throughout development of this new IT infrastructure transformation process, ensuring that it would work as well in practice as in theory. In the end, this RPA solution was named RPAaaS, or robotic process automation as-a-service, allowing clients to effectively supplement their IT wing with a scalable product solution capable of aiding M Corp experts.

This RPAaaS product ultimately enabled the Professional Services team to work six times faster. M Corp was even able to reduce the client’s project timeline by three entire months, as well as free up client resources. Also, since it alleviated the need for more in-person expertise, there was less time spent onboarding additional IT consultants to handle the data processing load.

Introducing a Suite of IT Consulting Solutions and Products Like Never Before

In a world where new technologies seem so intentional and fast-paced that they almost seem forced, M Corp is thrilled to introduce RPAaaS as one product solution in our new suite of tools for streamlining clients’ already existing processes.

For over two decades, our experts have been trusted leaders in traditional enterprise-level IT infrastructure transformation and consulting services, but thanks to the resourcefulness and dedication of our Professional Services team, we are now offering RPA as-a-service to our clients, which can immediately transform repetitive information processing projects with a degree of accuracy, scalability, and efficiency that cannot be delivered through traditional processes. While we absolutely intend to keep our traditional service offerings, we see RPAaaS as a posterchild for what IT modernization should deliver to clients – namely, common-sense modernizations that boost project accuracy, efficiency, quality, and value.  

Along with RPAaaS, we are proud to offer a new product solution, ReM Score, in our suite of tools. ReM Score is a dynamic and adaptable readiness assessment tool, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), as well as a wealth of data on previous readiness assessments and their outcomes, to pinpoint areas of concern as it evaluates answers and data inputs from members of your organization. This software keeps track of multiple data points simultaneously, and with a degree of accuracy and scrutiny that traditional readiness assessments can’t provide. ReM Score technology has also been developed through a collaboration between our traditional Professional Services team and our Product Division.

More about M Corp

Throughout our 19-year history, M Corp has continued to serve client needs in the present while keeping our sights set on the future. It’s our mission to empower organizations by being a partner in strategic and value-driven modernizations.

While M Corp is always eager to help clients prepare for the future, we see ourselves as advisors and solutions providers, and as such, we always respect our clients’ interests when it comes to the scope and pace of changes. For that reason, we will continue to offer traditional IT consulting services and solutions alongside more modern approaches.

Learn more about what M Corp IT consulting services and product solutions stand to offer your business by visiting the website and scheduling a consultation today!


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