M Corp to Provide OCM Services for CUIAB

 M Corp has won an opportunity to help the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) with their need for organizational change management support services.

M Corp will provide organizational change management services for the enterprise technology enhancements to the appeals business processes.  The key areas of the OCM services will be to engage stakeholders in sponsorship and involvement, communications, organizational design, and transition planning. An organizational change management program is needed to ensure leaders, managers, and staff work together successfully towards the desired business outcomes of the technology projects to minimize the impact on productivity and eliminate adverse impact. 

The CUIAB mission is to conduct hearings on appeals for unemployment and disability benefits.  CUIAB has not met performance standards (determined by the US Dept. of Labor) for lower level appeals since 2001.  The volume of unemployment appeals being filed by claimants and employers coupled with the manually intensive appeals processes are creating large delays within the appellate process at CUIAB.  Claimants and employers are waiting on average 10-12 weeks for their hearing decisions. The current appellate process was examined and modeled to determine improvements needed to move CUIAB towards compliance with the US DOL standards.   A solution framework has been developed to address the study findings, including implementation of imaging/workflow management, case management technology, web-based services, and business process redesign.