M Corp Talks FI$Cal with State Agencies

On December 3, M Corp hosted its first educational forum about FI$Cal Readiness, during which we discussed why it’s so important for state agencies and departments to “Be Ready.” M Corp provided its private-sector perspective, and shed light on the challenges that lie ahead for many state entities as FI$Cal implementation approaches.


Through its work as part of the FI$Cal Legacy Systems and Services (LSS) Team during Wave 1, M Corp has a unique understanding of the FI$Cal Project, and has gained deep insight and developed expertise around FI$Cal and what it means for state entities. Add to that M Corp’s work with the State Controller’s Office, both as part of its readiness team and on LSS, and we can safely say that we know firsthand the importance of building an integrated test plan between FI$Cal and the implementing department.

Guests asked great questions after M Corp CEO Alex Castro presented ideas and approaches for FI$Cal readiness.

The event, which will be the first of multiple sessions, took place at the Crocker Art Museum. Content covered in the forums include:

  • Case study experience based on our direct involvement in the FI$Cal project
  • What to consider in the readiness process to ensure that both FI$Cal and your department are successful with the transition
  • What FI$Cal will handle, and what your department needs to be responsible for
  • Lessons learned through M Corp’s experience
  • Lessons learned from current waves; timing for the next waves
  • Risks of waiting to get ready for this major transformation
  • The importance of establishing user roles and gaining proper training before FI$Cal implementation
  • An overview of M Corp’s FI$Cal Transition Framework

If you’d like to RSVP early for our next FI$cal event, let us know.