M Corp Supports Donut Dash for Child Life Programs

Our CEO, Alex Castro, a trustee on the board of Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, supported the 8th annual Donut Dash held in Land Park.

The Donut Dash raises money and awareness for child life programs at Sutter Children’s Center and UC Davis Children’s Hospital. The race, a 2 mile run where at the half way mark, competitors eat 6 donuts and then run for another 2 miles, was held on a rainy, yet exciting March morning.

Over 2,300 people participated this year, raising over $90,000 for patients of the aforementioned children’s centers.

“I hate running, but I love what this event means to Sutter, and for the children it helps,” said Castro. “I would like to send a big thank you to Zack Wandell and his impressive team for delivering such an excellent event! You are a rockstar, Zack!”

CEO Alex Castro is pictured with the duck mascot from the Donut Dash.

CEO, Alex Castro pictured with Donut Dash’s duck mascot.