M Corp Helps Power California Public Utilities Commission Project

M Corp has successfully completed an integral project for the California Public Utilities Commission, which oversees utility companies – such as energy and telecommunications providers – in the state.


The company assisted with developing a module for capturing new business rules that integrate with the CPUC’s existing Consumer Information Management System (CIMS). The system went live, and error-free, in late 2013.

The CPUC – which handles consumer complaints about utilities – needed a new Business Rule Manager that allows for quick changes and eliminates user errors.

M Corp handled the test scripts and test plans, which helped make CPUC’s user acceptance testing a smooth process.

“The whole idea was data integrity,” says Steve Allen, IT project manager for CPUC. “If there is any error, the system will inform the user about that error and provide direction on how to correct it.”

The commission collects massive data and regulates how utilities – such as AT&T to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. – deal with the issues. “M Corp helped us with the requirements and the design,” Allen says.

CPUC built the system; M Corp handled the test scripts and test plans, which helped make the user acceptance testing by the CPUC a smooth process.

M Corp completed the six-month project on time.

“It was a very short turnaround,” says M Corp project manager Carrie Czajkowski.