M Corp Releases Engine To App Store and Google Play

M Corp has released a free mobile application called Engine to Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Designed to identify areas of focus and potential roadblocks before project execution, Engine provides organizations with an overview of their strategic initiatives in the form of shareable root cause reports.


“Engine is a smartphone application that within 45 seconds, you can get an answer based on 4 different questions that really drive to the root cause of what your need is, and where to get started on your initiative,” said Chief Executive Officer, Alex Castro.

Engine provides users with immediate business insights after answering a few simple questions.

The application provides users with immediate business insights after answering a few simple questions. The report identifies initiative focus depending on the level of readiness to execute, top three things to watch out for, and ratios depending on people, process, and technology alignment.

About M Corp
M Corp delivers structured legacy modernization, readiness, and analytics solutions, using roadmaps and frameworks established over more than a decade of successful high-risk projects. The company, a member of the Inc. 5000 and listed as one of the fastest-growing firms the past three years by Inc. Magazine, offers specialized products and services to public sector, financial services, agriculture, energy, and health care. Founded in 2003, M Corp supports projects across the United States with a focus on eliminating dysfunction and increasing the economic benefit to our clients. For more information please visit the-mcorp.com

About Engine
Engine is a free mobile application which identifies organizations’ root cause of problems with execution in order to eliminate any uncertainties from the beginning. The application is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For more information please visit engineapp.io

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