M Corp Hired to Advise State Controller’s Office on FI$Cal Enterprise Resource Planning System

M Corp announced today a new project for the California State Controller’s Office to provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Executive Management Advisory services to ensure that its requirements and business objectives are successfully met via the planning, procurement, and implementation of the FI$Cal ERP system.

The State Controller’s Office is an active participant and stakeholder in the leadership, decision making and strategic direction of the California Department of Finance’s FI$Cal Project, which will modernize and reengineer the statewide business operations, directly impacting the constitutional functions of the Controller’s Office.

M Corp will analyze the FI$Cal ERP Project relative to best-practices and standards for public-sector ERP initiatives, and make recommendations to the State Controller’s Office regarding procurements and implementation. The company will also advise the State Controller’s Office regarding best-practices development strategies and the application of them relative to successful public-sector ERP initiatives.

M Corp will also provide ERP expertise and recommendations to optimize business and technical, strategic and tactical decisions.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve the State Controller’s Office in the role of Executive Advisor for the FI$Cal Project,” said Alex Castro, a founding partner with M Corp. “We are proud of our successful history delivering legacy transformation projects, and look forward to continuing that track record with the State Controller’s Office.”

M Corp is the industry leader in delivering structured and proven legacy modernization and analytics services and solutions through its established roadmaps and frameworks.