M Corp Hired for Department of Water Resources & CDFA Contracts

M Corp. has two new contracts that will benefit Californians and the Golden State’s most precious resources.

The company, one of the fastest-growing firms in the Sacramento region during the past three years, will be working with the Department of Water Resources to complete the analysis and requirements development phase of the Water Planning Information Exchange (PIE) project.

The Water PIE will be a Geographic Information System (GIS) based portal that will improve data management and establish the technological framework by which water management planning data can be accessed and shared in order to help develop water management solutions at all levels of government.

M Corp will use its proprietary Business Rules Mining Framework to assist DWR with requirement analysis sessions, system analysis, use case development, and documentation of business, functional and system requirements. Our framework methodology instills completeness, accuracy and efficiency into our business rules analysis processes while validating and filtering system functionality during multiple project phases.

M Corp will also be providing programming and design services to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Leafy Greens Audit Verification Checklist program.  M Corp will develop modifications and enhancements to specified modules of the Leafy Greens and Feed, Fertilizer, Livestock Drugs, and Egg Regulatory Services (FFLDERS) Branch Inspect systems, data extracts and reports. The company also will provide knowledge transfer to CDFA staff on these systems.

M Corp is currently providing similar services to the CDFA for its Leafy Greens-Enterprise Data Gathering and Management System.