M Corp debuts latest advertising

M Corp has landed at another airport – and state.

The fast-growing company has arrived in Austin – partnering on a major State of Texas contract – and in the city’s bustling airport.


M Corp has placed two large ads in the Austin International Airport, part of an aggressive brand awareness campaign in the Lone Star State for the Sacramento-based firm. The 16-square-foot ads are placed on both sides of the main security entrance, near restaurants and shops and Southwest Airlines gates.

“The huge ads are an excellent way to connect with Austin’s residents and our customers,” says Deanne Wertin, chief operation officer for M Corp. “Our company is committed to the city and the state, and handling major IT projects in Texas.”

M Corp has enjoyed high-flying success with its first airport ad campaign – in Terminal B at the Sacramento International Airport.
In March 2013, M Corp introduced a large wall-sized ad in the Southwest Airlines area of the terminal. The ad campaign has been renewed in Sacramento.