How M Corp Affects Californians: California Public Utilities Commission

When people receive their utility bills each month, they may not realize that someone is responsible for storing all that information month after month.


The California Public Utilities Commission sits above the water, telecommunications and energy companies, with the very important role of ensuring that California residents have the resources they need to keep the water running and the lights on, and that they can do so safely and cost-effectively.

The CPUC is also the organization that manages records for investor-owned utilities, such as Pacific Gas and Electric Co., and their customers. But what happens when such a central operation starts getting disorganized because of too much paper and too many records?

At first, nothing. But over time, it could become a big problem.

When the CPUC realized its outdated records management system was getting in the way of more important work, the state agency hired M Corp to help clean things up. The first step was to get CPUC to stop relying on a paper filing system, which had led to a multiplying number of boxes for years on end. It was a huge drain on time, and the CPUC was quite literally running out of space.

M Corp set up a centralized, digital records management system that helps the CPUC to easily store and track documents and records, which reduces operations costs and minimizes the amount of time being spent on records management. This means more time available to focus on more useful priorities, like rates for California utilities.

Now the public can be sure records are being effectively managed and stored – and that the good people of CPUC have space to walk around their offices.