Four new projects for M Corp!

SACRAMENTO — M Corp, a Sacramento-based information technology and management consulting firm that specializes in legacy modernization and analytics for government and commercial clients, has been hired to work on four new contracts with the State of California.

The company – one of the fastest-growing firms in the Sacramento region — has new contracts with the California Employment Development Department, Department of Fish and Game, State Lands Commission and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“These new contracts showcase our unique methodologies and roadmap models that maximize the skills and knowledge of our employees in various areas,” said Alex Castro, one of three partners in M Corp. “We have a great track record with the state, and we’ve enjoyed the partnerships – and the projects.”

Under the first contract, M Corp will fully test EDD’s Disability Insurance Application system during the next several months utilizing its automated Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) framework, ensuring recent changes to the system will not break the existing code, which would be a major problem for the state agency and many residents.

The company has a great deal of experience with EDD, most notably completing a massive migration of its DMS database containing more than 4 billion rows and 30 years of data, including unemployment and disability insurance claims, to a new DB2 database. M Corp completed the effort during Thanksgiving weekend last fall, utilizing its legacy roadmap process and automated conversion toolsets for combining 10 databases into a single database.

M Corp also worked on EDD’s Alternate Base Period project, developing the Wage Tool that helps determine if out-of-work residents are eligible for unemployment benefits. M Corp developed the Wage Tool.

The second new contract is with the Department of Fish and Game. M Corp will conduct a comprehensive business analysis study to determine the best solution for the department’s Automated License Data System when the current vendor contract ends in 2015.

The third contract is for the Department of Motor Vehicles. M Corp is working with Premier IT Solutions to support the implementation of a Testing Center of Excellence by providing training to DMV staff, and implement testing best practices that have been developed in the implementation of TCOEs by M Corp and Premier IT at other California agencies and departments.

The fourth contract is for the support of two systems that the California State Lands Commission uses for tracking invasive species through the ballasting practices of vessels entering California waters, and for the Oil Spill Prevention System to monitor the loading and off-loading of petroleum products from vessels and barges to onshore facilities.