Fast-paced growth, entering new markets highlight M Corp’s Strategic Plan

M Corp has announced an aggressive plan to expand business – and the company, from entering more markets to developing new offerings.


The company’s strategic plan was detailed to employees a few weeks ago, after the three founding partners and new Chief Operating Officer Deanne Wertin conducted detailed research and planning activities during the fourth quarter of 2013.

“We want to be very public about our painted picture,” says Wertin, who was announced as the company’s first-ever COO in November. “After 10 years, we have built the brand recognition and the support. This is really a maturation of the brand.”

“We want to be very public about our painted picture,” says Wertin, who was announced as the company’s first-ever COO in November. 

Indeed, the company that started a decade ago in founding partner Chuck Czajkowski’s garage has become one of the nation’s fastest-growing IT firms, landing on the Inc. 5000 list the past two years, most recently at No. 1,159 with a 362% increase in revenue during the past three years.

M Corp — a provider of Legacy Modernization, Business Analytics, and Readiness solutions for government and private-sector clients — moved to a 5,000-square-foot office on the top floor of the historic Regis Building in June and has completed dozens of projects for the state, including the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), Employment Development Department, Department of Healthcare Services, Department of Motor Vehicles and the Board of Equalization.

Now, the privately owned company has a goal of establishing eight to 10 new key clients in California – in addition to its current customers — and entering 10 more states during the next three years.

M Corp. executives also want to aggressively enter the U.S. banking industry and expand the firm’s presence in Australia, where the company has completed projects for a financial-services giant. In addition, the company would like to partner on federal government contracts, augmenting marquis solution provider teams with their defined methodology and expertise for successfully migrating legacy systems.

“We’ve set out what we want to do,” Wertin says. “Now, we’re ready to make it all happen.”

M Corp will continue to focus on its three key areas – readiness, modernization and analytics.

And current clients, especially state agencies and departments, will experience the same first-rate results.

The company has made major changes to its executive team and established more defined roles for the three founding partners.

“We’re not going to change something that is working, that would be foolish,” Wertin says. “But they will benefit from the process because our understanding of what really makes projects successful will expand as we work with more and more client organizations.”

M Corp wants to become a unique place for employees as well. Part of the company’s new process will include developing an Mcubator – a business incubator – to encourage employees to think outside the box. Employees could develop a new product or service, or even a spinoff company.

“We want this to be a place where this is more than just a job,” Wertin says. “It’s the partners way of supporting and fostering employees’ entrepreneurial goals.”

The strategic plan is the latest move for M Corp. In November the company announced major changes to its executive team with the hiring of Wertin as COO and establishing more defined roles for the three founding partners.

Founding partner Alex Castro has become the chief executive officer, while fellow partner Chuck Czajkowski and Hung Lee have the newly created positions of chief technology officer and chief development officer, respectively.

Wertin, an industry veteran, will handle the daily business operations and focus on expanding the firm into new markets.