Share to all the things

When you think of sharing your Engine report, the first thing that comes to mind is probably sharing it directly to a person through email or some other means of direct communication.

You can share your app to many things other than people though, such as devices, cloud and local file storage, and other apps.

  • Print it: share directly to your printer to save time when you need a hard copy of your report.
  • Save to the cloud: share to Dropbox, Box, Drive, Onedrive, or just about any other file storage service that has an app for your phone.
  • Read it out loud: listen to your report by sharing to an app that can read text such as NaturalReader for iOS or @Voice Aloud Reader for Android.
  • Save it to your phone: download your report right to your phone using any number of apps that allow management of your phone’s local files.