Share a Report

Engine can create PDFs of its reports for you to share with others.

  1. From your dashboard, open the report you wish to share.
  2. There are two ways to share a report:
    • Tap the icon at the lower right of your screen.
    • Tap the overflow menu at top right of your screen, and choose Share.
  3. Choose the application you wish to use to share the report.


  • Comments made by your team are only visible within the app and will not be included in shared PDF reports.
  • Disabling Show Confidence Level in Engine’s app settings will also disable confidence level in shared reports.
  • The list of applications you can use to share your reports will differ depending on the apps installed on your phone, but will generally include email, text message, social apps, and so on. Installing more applications will open up more sharing options. Learn more about how to share to all the things.