Edit Your Profile

Engine needs to know a certain amount of information before it can create reports. Completing your profile also helps team members know more about you and your job within the team.

  1. Tap the menu at top left.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Make your edits, then tap Save at the bottom of your screen.


  • If you log in using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Slack, Engine will use that account’s profile image. If you’re not using one of these accounts to authenticate, Engine checks gravatar.com for a profile image linked to your account’s email address.
  • Choose your industry as accurately as possible. Engine takes this information into account when calculating results, affecting the accuracy of your report.
  • Changing the email address associated with your Engine account is not possible from within the app, but don’t worry – if you ever need to associate your account with a new email address, just drop us a line from our feedback form, or in live support.