Create a Team

Teams are what makes Engine really shine, and creating one is easy.

  1. Tap the menu at top left.
  2. Tap Create Team.
  3. Type the email address of a person you want to invite to your team, and tap your keyboard’s enter button.
  4. One of two things will happen:
    • If the person already has an Engine account, you will see a card with their name, job title and organization. Tap this card to complete the invitation. Or,
    • If no account is found for the person you are inviting, Engine will ask if you’d like to send them an email asking them to install the app and join your team. Their invite will be waiting for them when they sign in to Engine.



  • The moment you invite someone to your team, your team is created and you are its sole member. You will be able to publish and comment on reports even before the individuals you have invited have accepted.
  • Currently Engine does not allow inviting persons who are already in a team, or who already have outstanding invitations.
  • Pending invitations can be canceled at anytime by long-pressing the person’s name on your team dashboard.