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Make your pre and post-transition FI$Cal experience the best it can be.

Transitioning to and working in FI$Cal can be a great experience, if you have the right know-how. That’s why we independently developed this app – drawing from our success with others to help you identify where to optimize your FI$Cal efforts.
Whether you are actively working to transition into FI$Cal or are already live in FI$Cal, M Corp can assist you with:

  • Expert guidance through the entire transition process
  • Data conversion
  • Interfaces
  • Testing
  • Post-transition documentation
  • Enhanced training on how to use FI$Cal
  • Help with month or year-end close
  • Post-transition data conversion & interfaces
  • Support in getting off of CALSTARS (if you’re in a dual environment)

Check out our FREE Accelerator app today and get started on the road to maximizing your FI$Cal experience.

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This application was created by M Corp and is not a service of the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) State of California department.


Real experience means real data.

Using Accelerator, you’ll be able to pinpoint root-cause considerations that may be affecting your current FI$Cal transition or post-transition work. Based on our unique experience with FI$Cal pre and post transitions, it’s our assertion that where efforts struggle most is from gaps in understanding the underlying factors affecting you.


How does it work?

Understand your FI$Cal efforts

Leverage M Corp’s unique experience to gain clarity in your FI$Cal effort

Create reports anywhere, anytime

It’s easy and consists of answering just a few questions

Share & discuss with your team

Comment on reports in your team dashboard or share as printable PDFs

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Accelerator is available for both Apple iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.1+ and is completely free to use.


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Any questions?

If your agency is facing FI$Cal challenges, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts and we’ll be happy to help. This free consultation is not a service of the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) State of California department.