Understand where to start, with Engine.

A free mobile app that helps you understand how to begin your project wherever you are.

Any Mobile Device

Engine works on any Android or iOS device and is made to be easy and fast to use.

Work as a Team

Engine can work for one person, or a whole team can weigh in on project ideas before you start. Knowing what others think can shed light on where potential root cause issues may be.

Actionable Data

Engine provides a comprehensive breakdown of where your initiative should start, and what to watch for. Metrics break down the people, process and technology impacts so you know where to focus and get the best results.

Your Dashboard

Engine keeps a dashboard of all the reports you have run so you can review and share them as needed.

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Immediate and valuable initiative insight.


One minute of time can save you thousands of dollars in execution. Engine helps you and your team understand where your project should start and what to consider before committing.


Engine calculates where your initiative is on our success spectrum by aggregating data from your input on specific initiatives to provide more perspective before you start. People, processes and technology are at the root of each project and you’ll see the root focus there too.


Reports can be published to your team dashboard so the whole group can quickly share insight on the project. You can also share reports as a PDF directly to anyone who may not already be in your team.

Your brand, your data, your engine.

Leverage Engine as your own branded, self-service root-cause project analysis tool.

We will help get started and load up the application with a dataset tailor-made for your organization.

  • Your logo, your brand
  • You control account access
  • You own all the data
  • Your base of organizational knowledge continuously grows over time


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How do people use Engine?


A large scale carrier leverages Engine with each operating unit for them to determine where each project is before asking for funding, reducing the number of requests for funding to initiatives that meet their criteria.

Health Care

A large regional hospital finance department requires an Engine report with every funding request to understand the level of capability the hospital has to execute on the idea coming from departments.


A global trading house uses Engine to guide business units on what to address in their requests for funding to ensure projects have the resources they need.


A maker and distributor of retail goods leverages Engine as the first step in their project approval process to understand where to focus resources.


A social gaming platform company filters feature ideas and game concepts through Engine to understand where to start in their development process.


A state government department uses Engine to help communicate between the Business Unit and IT as to where to start the analysis of the feasibility of a new project and root issues they need to consider.

Get it from the store.

Engine is available for both Apple iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.1+ and will always be completely free to use.


Questions & Feedback

First, make sure to check the help center. If you have other questions, feedback, or would like to report a bug, please let us know!

Send it to your phone.

If you’re on a desktop computer, we’ll keep things simple and text the install link right to your phone.