Engine Goes International

SACRAMENTO, CA. – Today, M CORP announced the international release of its ENGINE Mobile application in Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Now available globally, ENGINE is a free mobile application which allows organizations the ability to harvest internal data and quickly understand what is needed for improved project decision making.

Your team and management will gain transformational insights which will help you to understand the best approval path for your initiatives. This path consists of the identification of issues that will need to be resolved to move an idea forward, as well as an initiative maturity score, and next steps of the process.

Work as a Team

Engine can work for one person, or a whole team, and allows everybody to weigh in on project ideas before you start. Knowing what others think can shed light upon potential root cause issues.

Actionable Data

Engine provides a comprehensive breakdown of where your initiative should start, and what to watch for. Metrics break down the people, process, and technology impacts, so you know where to focus and get the best results.

Your Dashboard

Engine keeps a dashboard of all the reports you have running, so you can review and share them as needed.


  • Accelerate IT project insights into operating units
  • Understand if operational direction and strategy are in alignment
  • Harvest innovation faster
  • Streamline path to funding and go/no-go decision for employees and management
  • Detect anomalous behavior that impacts strategy execution
  • Leverage economies of scale and connect common initiatives

Engagement Matters. Unleashing the total brainpower of your organization has its advantages, and missed opportunities are also very real. ENGINE mobile app allows people to engage in discussions about potential project execution and operating issues. When an entire organization has a chance to share their voice, major improvement initiatives can achieve benefits beyond everyone’s expectations. People understand this vision when they experience the shared eureka moments, winning spirit, and personal growth,” said Arne Markoff, Chief Revenue Officer, M Corp.

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