Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry: Looking back at 2020 

A silver lining from the aftermath of the pandemic, the healthcare industry’s shift toward the use of data expedited digital transformation initiatives throughout the United States. Confronted by the public health crisis in 2020, executives discovered how little progress their technology teams had made and were forced to innovate to adapt and survive. There was a major epiphany: shift resources toward data and analytics while investing less in resource-intensive information gathering.  

“We found that, especially in our healthcare clients, the data they were gathering was incomplete and insufficient, and the mechanisms that they were using were consuming a vast amount of resources, typically up to 40% of their people, process, technology, and dollars,” said M Corp CEO Alex Castro in a podcast.  “And now we have progressed, moving into the AI, machine learning, and predictive modeling that’s become critical.  Because of the 2020 crisis stimulating transformational thinking, the pandemic drove health leaders to focus their resources on utilizing data rather than gathering information.” 

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