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Your Challenges

Seeing your strategic initiative to its well-intentioned conclusion without obstacles is challenging. Add technical speedbumps, process hiccups, and regulatory requirements, and the chance for scope/schedule/budget surprises can get out of control.

How do you know if you’re ready? When do you know if you’re ready?

Our Solutions

ReM Score is an M Corp product designed to identify your strengths and vulnerabilities across 14 domains of measurement. It’s a proven way to reveal your areas of risk before you start your initiatives – guesswork no longer plays a role. We’ll also pinpoint exactly what corrective actions you need to take, making it easier to clear obstacles and mitigate risk at every turn.

Measurable Results

With a readiness score in hand, you’ll never be surprised by scope, schedule, or budget changes – you’ll be more informed to choose the best initiatives for your organization.

Obstacles? Confidently clear anything that might jeopardize your project’s success while you increase measurable outcomes.

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