CalRecycle Fraud Detection Project Awarded to M Corp

M Corp has won the CBCRP Disbursement Data Mining Project for Risk Assessment at CalRecycle. CalRecycle provides funding to the California Bureau of Investigation’s Environmental Crimes Unit, which investigates fraud cases, and the state attorney general’s office, which prosecutes the cases.

The purpose of this project is to implement a statistically based anomaly detection model that utilizes an export of data from the client’s system to help identify recycling fraud. The reports generated by this system will be utilized by CalRecycle staff to narrow down potential fraud or abuse within the system and allow for investigators to focus on circumstances where there will be a higher propensity to identify illegal behavior. The objective is to not allow a bad-load to get into the claims process.

M Corp is a SAS Silver Partner, and has the full support of SAS for this project. M Corp will be utilizing SAS Software as a part of the client solution. Recycling fraud cheats California consumers out of the money that they paid into the Recycling Fund, and undermines the entire recycling program itself. The program is funded by the deposits left over from the cans that Californians don’t redeem.

When those funds are claimed fraudulently that reduces the surplus that funds the entire recycling program in California from the grants CalRecycle makes to support curbside recycling programs to the investigations of the agency’s fraud squad.