CA First 5 PRO0F is Launched!

M Corp is pleased to announce that on November 1, 2011, M Corp launched the First 5 California Practice, Research & Outcomes 0-Five data system, more commonly known as PRO0F. This release captures data and information related to First 5 California’s Teacher Signature Program, CARES Plus. In the coming months, the data system will be enhanced to include First 5 California Annual Report data collection and First 5 County Commission Case and Program Management functionality.

The Comprehensive Approaches to Raising Education Standards Plus (CARES Plus) Program is a matching-fund program with First 5 county commissions. It is designed to increase the quality of early learning programs for children ages 0 to 5 and their families by supporting the education and preparation of an effective, well-compensated, and diverse early learning workforce. The “Plus” represents an enhancement of earlier CARES components, such as a strong focus on outcomes and accountability, an expansion of the Early Learning Workforce Registry database, and expansion of Higher Education Quality Pathway Partnerships.

The M Corp solution for the Practice, Research & Outcomes 0-Five (PRO0F) resolves the challenge of collecting complete and reliable evaluation data from the County Commission on programs serving California’s children ages 0-5. The new PRO0F system will support the following functions:

  • State Signature program management, case management and annual reporting,
  • County program management, case management and annual reporting, and
  • Funding application workflow and expenditure tracking.