The Risk-Free Way to Achieve Transparency in Coverage

If you’re part of a healthcare organization that’s been caught off guard, you may find yourself flooded with data. Your team may be poring over all sorts of in-network information and out-of-network “allowed amounts” you have to publish. And much of this data can be low-quality, hard to find, or, worst-case scenario, unusable. So how does it represent an opportunity?

M Corp’s New Signature Pathway to Modern IT Transformations

For years, we’ve offered the knowledge and expertise to get the job done, and now we’re proud to offer our clients a new suite of outcome-oriented product solutions alongside our traditional services, expediting how organizations realize their vision for the future without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Robotic process automation as-a-service (RPAaaS) is already paving a path forward for clients, along with other products like ReM Score, a dynamic readiness assessment tool that delivers the same results in a fraction of the time.

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Readiness Assessment Done the Modern Way

Up to this point, leaders have been dealt a tough hand. They’ve had no viable option for project readiness assessment other than to solve organizational problems caused by human bias — with more human bias. With the launch of our new flagship product, ReM Score, you learn where your initiative stands before it even begins. M Corp understands that true modernization means today’s leaders are empowered to make informed decisions about their organization’s future.

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M Corp’s New Product Division Is Changing What It Means to Modernize

Last week, M Corp announced to its growing team of 200+ associates that the company has formally established a new division dedicated to transformative “as-a-service” products. The suite of solutions, including the company’s flagship readiness assessment product, ReM Score, is the result of the company’s 19 years of experience in the modernization industry, as well as research into what does– and does not– move organizations closer to achieving their mission and vision.

OpEx vs. CapEx: A Paradigm Shift for Executives

Considering the limitations associated with CapEx projects, OpEx is now coming into favor as the preferred funding model for delivering digital services and achieving strategic ambitions.

Invest in Outcomes, Not Technical Debt

Today’s technology modernization project is still destined to become tomorrow’s legacy system. It always has been, and always will be– unless we begin to shift our thinking to a new model.

M Corp Announces Emily Holtz as Vice President of Client Relationship Management

Holtz has more than a dozen years of experience working across various disciplines related to client services and product design, including nearly four years as a digital strategy consultant with Gartner.  She also worked as a technical illustrator for global technology brands and as a product line manager and buyer in consumer-facing industries. 

Ryan Clements

M Corp Announces Ryan Clements as Director of Business Operations

Clements has more than 20 years of experience working in the technology industry, with a special emphasis on business operations and solution delivery. Between 2016 and 2021, he served as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Operations for PunchOut2Go, a technology solution platform that integrates and automates eCommerce and eProcurement transactions between buyers and suppliers.

Project Readiness: Score Your Way to Success

Whether launching an IT project or going to market with a new product, executives contemplating a move forward have long relied on obsolete methods of decision-making. Using inaccurate measurements, such as past performance and other forms of bias, make it far too easy to fail.  What’s the answer? A project readiness score using objective data from within your organization. 

Melissa Brunetti

M Corp Promotes Melissa Brunetti to Vice President of Solutions and Services Delivery

Brunetti brings more than 20 years of experience as a consultant serving high-profile clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies across several industries and intergovernmental organizations, including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and United Nations.  As a senior analyst at Gartner, Inc., she led specialized teams to collect and manage data to help client organizations optimize technologies and improve operations. 

Navigating Project Success

While our clients enjoy the spotlight of their successes, we thrive on the feeling of satisfaction gained from seeing our clients reach the peaks of their personal Mount Everests. The most exciting day of a new partnership is always the first—seeing the passion and purpose in our clients as to what the journey we are about to embark on can produce—and the last, as we join them in celebrating their victories.

Project Success: Execution Versus Strategy

As Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and many CEOs after them have said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” If you can’t execute a strategy successfully, it might as well not exist.

Build a ‘hive mind’​ within your organization to ensure project success

Project success requires eliminating guesswork and biased decision-making to acquire a deep understanding of your organization’s ability to deliver results. Nature gives an example of how gathering and organizing real-time data across an enterprise takes any initiative to the next level or beyond your imagination.

Improve Project Success with Data That’s All Around You

Every executive considers whether they are dedicating resources to initiatives that may not pan out. Too often, project directors use their best guess at what will make them successful, including the past performance of similar initiatives.

Tom Larson

M Corp Strengthens Senior Leadership Team with Veteran Gartner, Inc. Exec Tom Larson

M Corp, the company that links execution to your ideas, has hired former Gartner, Inc. executive, Tom Larson, as VP of Government Platforms to lead and expand the MissionNXT data reporting service. Larson will be working with public sector program, department, and agency leaders to alleviate the burden and risks of data gathering so more resources can be directed towards mission delivery, enhancing governments capacity to put people first.