Create and share insightful root-cause reports, right from your phone.

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Success in Growing New Markets

Leveraging data helps banking clients understand profit potential in new markets.

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The Credit Score for Project Readiness.

Calculate risk and increase return on investment with ReM Score.

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FI$Cal Ready

We've helped more agencies get ready for FI$Cal than any other company in California.

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Success in Data Migration

Over 6 billion transactions took place in the first week, free of error.

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M Corp's Ready-Set-Go ecosystem is a unified platform for project success.

ReM Score

ReM Score is the equivalent of a ‘credit score’ for project approval decision making that delivers metric based risk scoring. It identifies operational capacity and capability risks and their remedies.

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FI$Cal Readiness

Working alongside your team, we provide end-to-end support of FI$Cal readiness activity including:

  • Readiness and transition management plans
  • Inventory of your relevant systems, processes and data
  • Provide guidance in transition best practices for leaders and executives
  • Deliver technical insights for optimizing configuration needs
  • Align your roadmap with the FI$Cal Project Plan and provide technical and project management services
  • Review FI$Cal Deliverables and proposed system architecture
  • Convert data, develop interfaces, modify legacy systems and conduct testing

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Business Rules Extraction

M Corp’s Business Rules Extraction (BRE) offering features power tools that work in our structured method to map, extract, capture and validate rules sets to ensure that our customers are extracting active rules that are linked and connected.

Our offering allows clients to minimize the impact to operations throughout the extraction process and test all rules to ensure accuracy and completeness.

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Operations Tuning

Optimizing operating units is the critical link between realizing return on invested capitol (ROIC) and a negative rate of return (ROR).

We help companies maximize their ability to realize the value in the investment in technology through a number of ways, including performance alignment, complexity management, business process redesign, leadership modeling, workflow optimization, change management, and project management.

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M Corp’s testing approach catalogs user functional and non-functional requirements and then creates test cases that exercise the requirements including the defined business rules.

We plan the work so the test preparation work is accomplished prior to receiving new code from the development team; this includes requirements investigation, test case creation and validation, test data preparation and expected result approval.

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Data Conversion

Our data migration framework addresses both structured and unstructured data for legacy data stores (IDMS, VSAM, ADABAS, IMS) to ensure the new relational model is structured to provide the performance capabilities needed.

Our model deconstructs the legacy definitions into metadata and introduces additional rules to generate a new DDL to deliver clean data access in the new relational database. Our approach utilizes linear and automated process to secure quality and speed in the conversion process.

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Application Development & Maintenance

Efficiently delivering scalable and extensible custom solutions and continual service improvement (CSI) for complex operating environments. Our adaptable teams deliver either end-to-end solutions or can work in cooperative environments to deliver client driven solutions.

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System Modernization

M Corp has an unmatched record for successful legacy system modernization that has helped organizations like yours transition to their technology without compromising quality or functionality. Legacy environments are rich and diverse, as a are their languages (COBOL, Assembler, ADABAS, Natural). Modernization efforts range from remodels to entire system replacements.

Our approach leverages our structured approaches for full modernization, migration/phased modernization, conversion, and integration.

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Delivery Mentoring

Your project management office has all the right tools, we have the understanding of how to sequence the project.

Legacy system modernization is a very tough task. Our legacy subject matter delivery experts work with project management offices (PMO’s) to provide the sequencing and technical guidance of how to execute a successful legacy system modernization project. We work within your life cycle and internal practices to deliver guidance and insight that makes the difference so you have a successful outcome.

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Solutions as a Service (SaaS)

M Corp offers our Solutions as a Service to allow you to outsource the development and hosting of systems that we build to your specifications and license to you on a SaaS model. This provides you the ability to focus on the core capabilities that support your enterprise while reducing risk in the development and maintenance of systems.

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Get the full picture.

The ability for foresee where the risks are and knowing what to correct before starting the project is where the opportunity to do something great becomes a reality. The Ready-Set-Go delivery success framework removes the unknown challenges that face projects so that you are in direct control of the outcome.

Find the Root Cause, and Avoid Project Overruns.

Four groups of issues tend to cause most project failures: missing focus, content issues, skill issues, and execution issues. Getting to the root cause of these issues before project work begins is what will guarantee your  projects’ success.


Our focus is on solving problems before they happen.

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Let’s Talk About Measuring Execution Capability

M Corp’s CEO Alex Castro will be speaking at Project Delivery Summit 2016 in Sacramento, California on November 1, 2016. Measuring execution capability has been identified as the #1 factor…

Engine Launch Party

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Sacramento, CA – June 9, 2016 M Corp has released a free mobile application called “Engine” to Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Designed to identify areas of focus and…

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As a member of the Sutter Medical Center Board, I was fortunate enough to be at the grand opening of Sophie’s Place at the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center…

M Corp Supports Donut Dash for Child Life Programs

Our CEO, Alex Castro, a trustee on the board of Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, supported the 8th annual Donut Dash held in Land Park. The Donut Dash raises money…

The Future of California’s Government

Overview The average person checks their smartphone 46 times a day. We, as consumers and citizens, have developed behaviors and expectations in our daily lives driven by service providers who…

Alex Castro Joins Sutter Medical Center Foundation’s B…

Alex Castro, CEO and co-founder of M Corp has just been announced as a new member of Sutter Medical Center Foundation’s Board of Trustees. “Our new board members bring great…

M Corp Sponsors Government Transformation 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: M Corp Sponsors Government Transformation 2016 Sacramento, CA – January 21, 2016 M Corp is sponsoring the Government Transformation event hosted by Public Sector Partners. The event…

M Corp Sponsors Project Delivery Summit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: M Corp Sponsors Project Delivery Summit 2015 Sacramento, CA – December 2, 2015 M Corp is sponsoring the Project Delivery Summit hosted by Public Sector Partners. The…

M Corp Launches New Interactive Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: M Corp Launches New Interactive Website Sacramento, CA – December 2, 2015 M Corp invites visitors to explore its brand new website. The new website has been…

M Corp Sponsors Texas Public Sector CIO Academy

M Corp is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of the Texas Public Sector CIO Academy held this year at the Hilton Austin on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. Alex Castro, CEO…

M Corp Sponsors Sacramento County Golf Tournament

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: M Corp Sponsors Sacramento County Golf TournamentSacramento, CA – October 19, 2015 M Corp is a proud sponsor of the 2015 Sacramento County Open Championship taking place…

Be FI$Cal Ready

As we observe the fall implementation of Wave 2 in the FI$Cal project, we are dedicated to providing California state agencies with resources in preparing for the rollouts and changes…

Why Good Consultants Fall Short: Winning IT Projects with Re…

The headlines are everywhere: “National IT unemployment rate below 3.3%! California’s unemployment rate 2.9%! IT staffing services juggling more job orders than candidates!” If there is so much demand for…

Alex Castro encourages California to embrace metrics

M Corp CEO Alex Castro (far right) testified today during the State Sen. Subcommittee on California’s Innovation, Technology and Life Sciences Economy, discussing ways to improve the success rate of…

Alex Castro chats with Techwire

Alex Castro recently sat down with TechWire at the Public CIO Academy to discuss data-driven decisions, project management, and more.

Alex Castro of M Corp talks business success, challenges an…

Jack Crawford of Velocity Venture Capital talks with Alex Castro of M Corp about his business successes, challenges and strategies.

Our 2015 Vision: What’s next?

2014 was a great year for M Corp. We expanded our business into Texas, added several new clients in California, and had the opportunity to help long-term clients realize some…

M Corp presentation at Public Sector Partner’s confer…

A few months ago, we wrote about our excitement regarding the Public Sector Partner’s Government Transformation Conference, which will be held Feb. 4 at the Sacramento Convention Center. In early…
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